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Perishable goods transportation

Here at Everest Logistics, we’re committed to helping meet all your transportation needs, including when you need to get perishable goods from A to B. We make it simple for you to access the specialist vehicles that you need to keep your operations running smoothly.

Our experience and dedication to meeting all your needs mean you know that you can rely on our team. Our refrigerated transportation options are ideal for a huge variety of needs and are all maintained to the highest of standards, giving you complete peace of mind that your perishable goods are in safe hands and will arrive at their planned destination fresh.

Working with a variety of perishable goods

We offer you access to a range of specialist transport vehicles to match your needs and the goods that you need to deliver, including:

Fresh fruit and vegetables

Trade in fresh fruit and vegetables is growing and can be a lucrative business avenue. It’s important for the nutrition, appeal, and sale value to keep fresh fruit and veg looking appetising. It’s why transportation vehicles that keep products at the optimal temperature are vital.


Whether you want to transport chilled or frozen seafood or fish we can help you. Our expert drivers and professional perishable goods vehicles will help you bring the fresh, delicious taste of the sea to customers across the UK.


Meat products must be kept at the right cold temperature throughout the whole of the distribution process, our specialist transport vehicles mean you can do just that. It’s the simple way to maintain the freshness of your products while reaching new sales opportunities.

Cut flowers

Once they’ve been cut, flowers can quickly wilt and lose their beautiful look. A chilled perishable goods transportation vehicle minimises this risk during distribution to leave you with flower cuts that still look stunning when they arrive.

Offering access to excellent vehicles

We have a range of perishable goods vehicles to offer to our customers, allowing them to select the one that best matches each transportation job to maximise budgets. Our vehicles can handle both chilled and frozen products, ensuring they arrive at the destination in optimal condition. All our vehicles undergo regular maintenance, ensuring our customers can always depend on quality when using Everest Logistics.

Vehicle Type 7.5T 18T 44T Artic
Trailer Refrigerated, Tail-lift Refrigerated, Roller-bed, Tail-lift Refrigerated, Roller-bed
Pallets 8 Standard UK (16 pallets can be carried if pallets can be double stacked and are not higher than 100 cm) 12 Standard UK (24 pallets can be carried if pallets can be double stacked and are not higher than 100 cm) 24 Standard UK (48 pallets can be carried if pallets can be double stacked and are not higher than 100 cm)
Load space (Length, Width, Height) 600 cm x 220 cm x 215 cm 810 cm x 240 cm x 260 cm 1,360 cm x 240 cm x 260 cm
Load Weight 2,000 kg 8,000 kg 24,000 kg
Tail-lift Lifting Capability 900 kg 1,500 kg n/a
Volume Up to 30 cubic metres Up to 54 cubic metres Up to 85 cubic metres

Providing storage facilities

It’s not just the transportation we can help with either. We also provide facilities to store your perishable goods before they’re loaded on to the vehicles. It provides you with the ultimate convenience, allowing you to set a delivery time and collection that perfectly matches your operations and other tasks,

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