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It is very important to ensure that your items are packaged correctly and in accordance with our guidelines. We know how important it is that your consignment arrives safely and undamaged so by packaging your items correctly and carefully, gets them off to a good start.

Wrap each item in the parcel individually. This takes a little longer but offers better protection because there’s no movement of the contents. Once wrapped place all items within a suitable inner box and seal this shut.

Always use strong external packaging. A new and thick corrugated fibreboard / cardboard box with a good quality outer wrapping is recommended. The larger the size and weight of an item, the thicker and larger the outer box should be. Always make sure the cardboard box allows adequate clearance for sufficient internal packaging to be used on the item(s) being sent. Sub-standard and previously damaged cartons can cause problems and a compensation claim for damage of contents will be deemed invalid if the parcel is inadequately packed or if the inner and outer packaging is not retained for verification.

Fill the outer box with a layer of polystyrene chips and place the inner box on top then pour more chips around the edges. Ensure the box is filled to its limit and there are not air gaps or pockets of air in the outer box. Shake the outer box to ensure chips have settled and top up till the outer box is full.

Finally seal the box with multiple layers of thick tape and apply your shipping labels and documentation.

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