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Air Transport

When you are seeking a complete air transport service to get your goods delivered quickly and efficiently, our air freight team are ready to assist. We will ship your goods by air to any international destination, flying into all major airports around the world.

We do it all

Our all-encompassing air freight service deals with everything from beginning to end so that you don’t have to get involved or worry about missing deadlines. Our remit entails planning the route, making bookings on appropriate flights (freight or passenger) and taking care of either full loads or split consignments. Always up-to-date with the latest in air transportation technology, our method of delivery and rates continue to be some of the best in the industry.

All global destination included

We are able to provide air transport for all types of documents and cargo, dealing with both direct air freight shipments and those that have been consolidated. If you are not sure which option is best suited to your needs, simply sit back and let us take care of it, choosing the best solution to match your delivery timings and type of goods or documents being transported. As experts in the field of air freight, we will take the time to organize the most efficient, practical and affordable route, no matter which global destination your goods are consigned to.

Why choose us?

  • We provide both door-to-door and airport-to-airport air services;
  • Our track-and-trace software ensures that you are able to follow your cargo on its journey, providing key information and knowing in real-time as soon as your freight is delivered;
  • Our service is robust and reliable;
  • Choose from direct or consolidated service;
  • Option of first-flight-available or deferred service;
  • We take care of all labelling and documentation.

Only the best

Networking with a worldwide chain of carriers and agents, we work with only the best, providing services that are time-critical and able to take care of single or multi-consignment shipments. Our air transport service is flexible, professional and exceptionally customer-service oriented.

Whatever type of air shipment you are looking for, to any destination and at anytime from anywhere, talk to us. Call our Air Transport team today and be assured of the receipt of a best-in-class service.

Road Transport

When it comes to our Same-day Road Transport service, we provide a broad mix of road-freight and charter services to enable you to move goods in the most efficient and affordable way.

Range of vehicles

Working hard to look after your needs 24/7, we have continual access to a good mix of vehicles, meaning that we can collect any weight or size of consignment from any address quickly and safely. Our fleet of vehicles come in a range of sizes, from vans through to trucks and curtain-sided vehicles, with and without tail-lifts, all consignments fall within our remit.

Attentive Customer Service team

Our friendly Customer Service team will take care of all of the planning and logistics on your behalf, calculating routes and ensuring attention to deadlines. Once we have full details of the load to be carried by road transport, we will assign the most suitable vehicle to suit so you don’t have to worry about getting involved in the selection process. Once your freight is on its way, we will communicate with you, keeping your up-to-date with regard to progress and bringing into play our track-and-trace tracking system. A sophisticated piece of equipment, this traces your item as it is being transported, letting you know once it is safely delivered on time.

Professional drivers

Providing an efficient and cost-effective same-day service, we don’t carry hazardous shipments or prohibited items. Our deliveries are always made in accordance with your requirements by our skilled and fully trained drivers who have superb knowledge of the road systems within the UK. With the latest up-to-date information and communication systems installed in their cabs, we are always in touch so can keep you informed of progress.

Our same-day road transport service provides you with:

  • Delivery locally or nationally;
  • Easy to book by phone or email;
  • In-cab information systems;
  • Professional drivers;
  • Track and trace systems;
  • Vehicles of all sizes with optional tail-lift.

Get in touch today and find out for yourself just how efficient and affordable our Same-day Road Transport service is. We’re ready to take your booking and can provide further information and quotations by phone.

Sea Transport

When it comes to comprehensive sea-freight services, Everest Logistics are the team to call.

Popular because it offers great value, sea-freight is the ideal service to use if your consignments are not time-sensitive or particularly urgent. Great for bulk items, our low-cost sea-freight shipping option provides you with a service that guarantees peace of mind and arrival of your freight at your chosen port of destination on time and always handled with every care and attention. It makes no difference whether you are shipping one pallet or a full container load; working with only the best and most reliable sea freight-forwarding agents, we take care of the whole shipping process including choosing the ideal route and looking after customs clearance.

Here are some of the shipping services that we offer:

LCL Shipping

Less-than-container-load (LCL), this service allows us to consolidate your cargo, placing it with other similar sized shipments in order to fill a container. Going from and to all major world-wide ports, this is an incredibly popular service.

FCL Shipping

Full Container Load (FCL), this service provides you with whole containers to fill, choosing from 20ft or 40ft sizes. As full containers are used, this is a great option when it comes to producing the best cost and transit-time combination. Schedules are flexible, there are plenty of sailings from all main ports and equipment is always on hand to load and off-load carefully.

We also provide flat rack and open top containers, able to handle all types of special goods including those that need to be temperature-controlled or refrigerated. Once you have made your booking with us, containers will be delivered to your facility to fit in with your schedule. Our container packing service is also available, ensuring that your cargo is treated and handled with care at every stage of its journey. Wherever you are shipping to in the world, we will get your sea-freight cargo there, on time and on budget.

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