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The e-commerce sector is booming and we’re helping businesses keep up with demand by offering flexible delivery services. As specialists in the industry we understand just how important delivery is to your overall business goals and factor this into the service we offer our customers. We help you to improve the satisfaction of your clients.

Supporting e-commerce businesses

Having experience working with numerous e-commerce businesses, we know just what you need to help your business grow – a flexible, on demand service. And that’s exactly what we offer.

Our goal is to support the wider aims of our customers by providing a delivery service they know they can rely on for every task, whether it’s getting a single parcel from A to B or delivering a huge amount of orders the very next day. So, how do we support e-commerce businesses with their growth?

  • We provide a reliable service: E-commerce customers today expect their parcels to arrive quickly and when you specify they will. We help you meet that commitment. Our network of professional delivery drivers ensure that your parcels get to where they need to be.
  • We offer a flexible option: We recognise that the number of parcels you need to deliver can vary hugely depending on a range of factors, from the season to in-house promotions. We let you access our services when you need them, at a scale that suits you.
  • We’re affordable: We know what an expense postage costs can be to e-commerce businesses, that’s why we offer affordable pricing structures. It’s a saving you can pass on to your customers – helping you to secure more business in the long run.

Ready to discuss the delivery needs of your e-commerce business? The team at Everest Logistics is ready to provide you with solutions.

Warehousing services

As well as delivering your parcels, we can also offer e-commerce customers warehousing solutions. We keep your inventory safe, secure, and ready to be dispatched, reducing the amount of space you need and your regular outgoings. With our combination of services, we’re the one stop shop for e-commerce businesses looking for additional support.

Offering flexibility

Do your products have special delivery requirements? Or do you want to offer your customers a range of options? Our flexible approach lets you do just that. As a small, client focussed business, we’re able to take an adaptable approach to the way we work with e-commerce businesses, giving you access to a level of service that can’t be beaten.

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